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                  Frank Geiger

Banjos & Me

A Fateful Voice Ma​​​​​il​

     On January 17, 2017 I received a surprising voicemail that resulted in my invention of our first product, the "Movable Tone  Amplifier For All Banjos".  I suspected then that the voicemail would change my life so I saved it.  It certainly has changed my life and continues to do so with every new product.  Here's the voicemail:

     "Hi, Frank.  I hope that I am calling the right Frank Geiger.  This is Bob Piekiel from "Banjo Newsletter Magazine".  If I'm calling the right Frank, years ago I reviewed one of your "Scientific Bridges" for the magazine and if this isn't you then you don't know what I'm talking about.  But...I was doing some Internet searching today and I came across this old posting on "Banjo Hangout" where you were describing a cardboard trapezoid that you would tape to the inside of a banjo rim to increase the volume.  And I wanted to talk with you about that.  I wanted to picture this in my mind and couldn't pull up the photos.  So, if you're the Frank that got that together I'd love to talk with you".

     I called Bob back right away, of course, and we talked about the trapezoid as well as some of my more recent ideas to improve banjo sound.  Bob said that if I came up with anything that worked he would be happy to review it in "Banjo Newsletter", which I was delighted to hear because getting the word out about inventions is often harder than inventing.  

     Bob's phone call was like a bugle blowing reveille to this old vet.  It reminded me, at my age of 79 then and 80 now, that my remaining time on earth is most certainly short.  And if I am to leave either knowledge or some worthwhile invention behind, then I had better get on my horse and do it.  

     This web page is part of "it".  The remaining part of "it" is a short book about musical sound surface waves which I have begun to write describing what I've learned from many years of experimenting with sound surface waves on stringed musical instruments.  I'm convinced that understanding musical sound surface waves is key to achieving great musical sound from many instruments.  But first I need my products to be successful so people will read the book.  My real goal is for others to be inspired and use what I've learned to continue this worthy effort.   
My Qualification​S​​​​​
BS in Military Art, U.S.M.A., West Point, NY (1960).
MS in Mechanical Engineering, Univ, of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA (1969).

Engineering and Engineering Teaching Experience.
Sole Inventor of Six U.S. Patents Plus Three Current Patents Pending Related to Sound. 
Year-long Design Engineering Course Director and Instructor to West Point Seniors (1969-1972).

Tenor Banjo Playing and Entertaining.
Began playing tenor banjo at age 11.
Received Tenor Banjo Lessons from Tenor Banjo Professional, Doug Carr, San Rafael, CA,  (1975).
26 Years Experience as Solo Tenor Banjoist and Vocalist in Atlanta, GA until forced to stop by a broken hip injury in 2015, primarily performing one-hour solo shows of older American popular music with vocals and anecdotes for groups of seniors.  Entertaining was great fun and I miss it.
Author of 35-Page Book, "Build Any Chord, Anywhere", for Tenor Banjos and Other Instruments Tuned in Fifths, (Available here as a free download on page "Ideas" and is Viewable from many sources on the Web).