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                  Frank Geiger

Frank Geiger

Geiger Acoustic Devices

      Inventors and suppliers of unique, movable, mechanical sound amplifying enhancers for banjos, acoustic guitars, mandolins, violins and other acoustic stringed instruments.    
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     "When it rains, it pours!"

     I thought about that old saying a few days ago when I had three great ideas in a row in about ten minutes!  All three ideas were ways to improve the performance of my "Movable Tone Amplifier for All Banjos".  I immediately tried them on my Gibson Mastertone tenor banjo, one at a time, and each made the sound of my banjo much better.  Even more amazing is the fact that every addition was extremely easy to do with very simple materials: one to three paper clips (each paperclip has three small steel loops which add volume and sustain), a 4-3/4 inch length of .033-inch diameter waxed, braided nylon cord, a 2-1/4 inch strip of 3M #600 clear plastic tape.  (Later, a staple was added to compress the braided fibers in the cord to the Tone Amp which greatly increased amplification.)   These parts formed a new "supercharged" input tape which is then stuck to the banjo's wood rim in a unique way. 

      Everything is described in a modified scanned document which you can download free from the "Ideas and Downloads" page,  Our Movable Tone Amp customers can get all parts (except the staple) free by sending us a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  

     This new installation system is now standard and replaces our offer of a free "Travel Caddy" for all "Movable Tone Amps For All Banjos".

     I once attended a lecture by the famous inventor, Buckminster Fuller, and heard him say that he believed his ideas came from outer space! (?)


GREAT NEWS!  An easy mod to our "Bass & Enhancer Amp" and "Banjo Tone Amp For All Banjos" increases amplification of ALL NOTES!  See the Blog Entries on these amps to see how to do this.

                                                               Frank Geiger  July 6, 2018