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                  Frank Geiger

Frank Geiger

Geiger Acoustic Devices

      Inventors and suppliers of unique, movable, mechanical sound amplifying enhancers for banjos, acoustic guitars, mandolins, violins and other acoustic stringed instruments.    
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     Two days ago I mailed a provisional patent request for a new and very efficient movable, mechanical, amplifier and sound quality enhancer for violins!  I was so happy and grateful for its beautiful sound from my rented violin (after so many failed attempts over the years), that I even named it - "Lulu", after a Great Aunt of mine who received a Masters Degree in music from Cornell University and used her music to cheer our troops in France during World War I. 

     I wish my Aunt Lu could hear it, but I wouldn't want her to see it because it looks like a bug, or more correctly, a spider, but with only two eyes and four legs.  "Lulu" is entirely internal to the violin so nobody sees it - except for a black nylon retrieval thread loop that hangs from either sound opening.  Lulu's four legs are two waxed, braided nylon cords that collect and amplify sound surface waves from the wood surfaces of the sound chamber, and also convert audible sound impacts into surface waves for processing.  I hope that my Aunt Lu "is" as proud of it as I am!
                                                                     Frank Geiger  April 25, 2018