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                  Frank Geiger

Frank Geiger

Geiger Acoustic Devices

      Inventors and suppliers of unique, movable "Stick-on" mechanical sound amplifying enhancers for banjos, acoustic guitars, mandolins and other acoustic stringed musical instruments.    
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     We just added a new amplifier to this website called the "Butterfly Dream Sustaining Amplifier for Banjos, Guitars and Mandolins".  (See center photo below.)  You can read and download detailed information about it now from the Ideas & Downloads Page.  (Recordings are coming.)  The strange name is because it looks like a butterfly and is, at least for us, a "Dream Come True!"  Because it's a temporary attachment to a banjo that creates a great and loud banjo sound with the sustain of a guitar!  Sustain could be excessive for fast Bluegrass. (?) (Opinions needed.)  Check it out on the "Ideas & Downloads" page, (last two items).
                                                                          Frank Geiger  Feb 7, 2018